Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mommy I Love You

I was looking diligently for a specific item when I heard, “Mommy, I love you!”  The voice was so sweet that I had to turn and see where the location of this angelic voice.  To my pleasure there was a small little boy, probably four or five years old looking up at his mommy with love and admiration. I stood there momentarily listening to his voice and hearing his mom’s gentle responses. It seemed his favorite buzz words were, “Mommy isn’t that cool!” To which, she loving and tenderly responded, “Yes, it is!”  Never once in the time they were shopping did her voice raise or did he stop talking to his mommy.
Shopping complete, I headed to the check out area. There, to my delight, in front of my buggy was the little man with his mommy. He had not stopped pointing things out nor had his mommy stopped talking with him.  And now, there was another person added to his conversation.  In front of the little boy and his mom was an older lady.  What struck me first was her hair.  It was dark black and very dry and literally stood out all over!  Yet, not once did her appearance seem to affect this little man or his verbal exchange with her. He spoke with her with the sweetest voice, always with respect and an openness  that included her in his conversation.
So struck by their exchange, I felt ashamed. The thought occurred to me, “How many people would be put off by her appearance. Deem her unworthy of their time and not engage her in conversation?”  Yet, this little angel man saw through her exterior appearance and saw her heart.  What a model of Jesus! No wonder Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  No wonder Jesus loved children so much. And, no wonder, Jesus said, “Unless you become as a little child, you will not see the Kingdom of God.”

Heart opened and taught that afternoon, I am praying that God will give me eyes cnd a heart like that little angel man.  May I see past the exterior to the interior – the heart!  May others hear my voice as a sweet sound that will draw them to the place where they see Jesus instead of me.


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